I’m now a proud member of the Financial Planning Association of Denver, USA!

The leading professional body founded in 1973 and currently uniting more than 24 000 financial advisors worldwide. 5 500 miles away, I’m one of those few Russians who made it 😉 at least, that’s what I heard. Anyone else? Show yourself! Let’s unite! Let’s spread the word! Let’s bring the true financial planning to Russia, stop re-inventing the wheel and serve our clients the way they deserve.

Financial Planning Association - Proud Member - Vladimir Vereshchak - Financial Advisor

Because we seem to be the only BRICS country that doesn’t have CFP yet. What’s wrong with us anyway?

I mixed things up a little bit. Normally one would get his/her CFP designation first, then join FPA. I did it vice versa.


Well… CFP is quite an important step, see. It’s a long-term commitment that consumes much time and requires a lot of effort. And I feel like some business issues still need to be settled before I can proceed.

To me, my membership in FPA is another step towards CFP, an opportunity to connect with my colleagues from all over the world and learn the art of financial planning from the best of them first-hand.

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