The Irishman, 2019 – как же это долго! Зато костюмы красивые и джаз.

На втором часе просмотра до меня-таки дошла найденная на чьей-то странице шутка Рики Джервейса… nearly three hours long. Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere and by the end, his date was too old for him. So… even Prince Andrew’s like, “C’mon Leo, mate”. You know? “You nearly 50, son”.

Но кое-что всё же запомнилось – железная логика адвоката и судьи 🙂

[Lawyer] Okay, Frank Sheeran. Am I saying that right?

[Frank] Yeah, you said right.

[Lawyer] Uh, under the contract, thanks to Jimmy Hoffa… management can only fire a driver on very specific charges. So, you ever show up late?

[Frank] No.

[Lawyer] Do you have any moving violations?

[Frank] No.

[Lawyer] Do you drink on the job?

[Frank] No.

[Lawyer] You ever hit anybody?

[Frank] On the job?

[Lawyer] Yeah.

[Frank] No.

[Lawyer] Okay.

[Frank] What about stealing, that ain’t grounds?

[Lawyer] Well… can they prove it?

[Frank] I don’t think so.

[Lawyer] All right then, we don’t have nothing to worry about.

[Bill] Your Honor, if this was about right or wrong, the company would have sought Mr. Sheeran’s dismissal. They didn’t. They only accused Mr. Sheeran because the company hoped he could name conspirators, which he couldn’t do because they don’t exist. They don’t exist because he didn’t still anything. He didn’t steal anything because he’s an exemplary employee, who in eight years has never taken a day of sick leave. The only rule he ever broke is his own union’s, by helping others carry sides of beef from his truck to their refrigerators in the dead of winter.

[Judge] I’m dismissing this case with a warning.

[Frank] Yes, Your Honor.

[Judge] No, no, not you, Mr. Sheeran. [To “the company”] You bring another working man before this court with threats instead of evidence, believe me, you’ll be sorry. If I owned stock in this company, I would sell it.

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